<hm1>Useful Guide to Following Our Service.

First, be sure to get a bulletin from an usher as you enter the church.

Next, where to find things in your hymnal.

It helps to know the first 93 pages contain prayers for each Sunday on a three year cycle and prayers for special use like Easter, Lent and Peace etc.

Pages 94 to 209 contain ten different settings for Worship. The words in each are very similar but the music varies. The bulletin will tell you the page for a particular Sunday. The settings also contains some "guides" printed in red such as "The assembly stands to welcome the Gospel, using this acclamation, a sung alleluia or another appropriate song" and "The Gospel is announced"  The word "or" is also used when there is a choice of prayers or acclamations or responses.

Pages 210 to 338 contain services for special occasions such as Baptism, Weddings, Confirmation etc.

After page 338 we no longer use page numbers. We come to the Psalms and they are indivdiually numbered in red. There are 150 Psalms. Number 151 is in black and the start of the Hymns. Helpful hint -- the 150 Psalms were originally songs or hymns from the Old Testament, some written by King David. That's why they are numbered. 

Some tips. Use a few minutes before the start of the service to mark the Hymns, Psalm and Confession with the ribbons. The setting starts with the Invocation. Fold your bulletin and insert it at this page. As the service goes on, you can move the bulletin as the pages turn and remain current with the service.

Remember, all of us make mistakes with the Hymnal. Yours will be forgiven.

Grace Evangelical
Lutheran Church